Betting Trends


Term, Definition, Example
Term Definition Example
Market AveragePercentages of bettors choosing favorite or underdog. Always totals 100%.The public betting chart for the Pacers vs. the Cavaliers shows 44% bet the Pacers and 56% bet the Cavaliers.
Open / OpenerThe matchup’s first line any sportsbook offers.The opening line on the Jazz vs. Lakers game was -8.5 Jazz, from Bovada sportsbook.
Current / LiveThe sportsbook’s latest matchup line.The current line of the Jazz vs. Lakers is now -9 Jazz, from BookMaker sportsbook.

Identifying betting trends is an efficient way to make profitable sports bets. Choose teams which have been successful against the spread this season. Follow public NBA betting trends carefully. These numbers ultimately determine line moves as tipoff approaches. Spot bad lines and take advantage of the sportsbook’s mistakes for profit.

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