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Sports Betting Terms, Definitions and Examples
Term Definition Example
ActionTo place a bet or make a wager on a game.I’m in action; I have $500.00 on the Miami Heat to cover the point spread.
AnalysisIn depth look at a specific game before making a wager.My analysis on the Lakers versus Celtics is telling me the Lakers should win this game.
Against The Spread (ATS)Determines if your bet won with the odds set in the game. The Magic only won the game by 4 and they were giving 8 points they can’t win against the spread.
Bad BeatA wager that is tough to forget because of how the game was lost.I really thought I was going to win my bet, but suffered a bad beat when the Dallas Mavericks made a half court shot at the end of the game.
Back Door CoverA team that scores meaningless points after the game had all but been decided. After the Magic pulled their starters, the Kings got a back door cover, scoring the games final ten points.
Back-To-Back-To-BackThree games in three consecutive nights. The 76ers are playing well, but it will be tough for them to win this game because it is the third game of a back-to-back-to-back.
Bettors PerspectiveA Gamblers viewpoint and opinion on a game. The Raptors should easily win this game, but from a bettors perspective, the Nets will cover the point spread.
Buzzer BeaterA shot that is made right before time expires at the end of a half or game. He made a buzzer beater shot at the end of the game to win and cover.
ChalkReferred to as the favorite.I am laying the chalk on this game.
Cigar PieceA wager that was never in doubt.When the Bulls were leading by 20 at the end of the 1st quarter, I knew this game was a cigar piece.
ColdA streak of losing wagers.I have been so cold in my last 10 games that I have only picked 1 winner.
CollectAfter winning a wager you can cash in your ticket for the money you placed on the game. Before I make my next bet I need to collect from the game I won earlier.
CoverWin the game by more points then you laid or lose by fewer points then you had taken. The Pacers won the game by 19 points and were only favored by 4, so it was an easy cover for them.
EdgeHaving favorable odds on a specific game.Betting that line at -5 really gave me the edge to win my bet.
FactorSomething or someone that will contribute to the end resultLosing that player in the 1st quarter was the main factor the team lost.
FavoriteA team that is expected to win a game.Los Angeles is the favorite against Sacramento.
HandicapperTo research and analyze games in order to predict the end results. He is a great handicapper because he wins 65% of his selections.
HookReferred to as a half of a point. I was laying 8.5 on the game and they only won by 8 points, I lost by a hook.
HotA streak of winning wagers.I have been so hot lately, every game I place a bet on, I win.
JuiceThe built in fee by the bookmakers when placing a bet. If it wasn’t for the juice I would have broke even with my 2 bets.
LayBetting a game on the favorite.I am going to lay the -8 on the Grizzles to win.
LineThe set number to determine what a team should in by.The lineon the Pacers to win is at -5 over the Bucks.
Line MoveWhen the odds on a game shift before the game goes off. The Kings were bet heavy at -5 about an hour ago, so there was a line move on that game and they are now -7.
Lob CityNickname of the Los Angeles Clippers.The Clippers highlights are always on TV because they keep showing the Lob City style of dunks.
LockA sure fire winner before the game is played.I am betting on the Pacers because they are a lock to win the game.
Make A PlayTo place a bet. I love the Warriors at +6; I am going to make a play before the line moves.
MatchupA game between to specific teams.The matchup between the Rockets and Spurs is even.
Money LineTo bet on a game without using a point spread, but having to either lay or take more money depending on the side you bet on.I didn’t want to bet the Wizards at +6, I thought there was more value taking them on the money line at +180.
Money ManagementTo control and have a designed system when placing wagers. If it weren’t for proper money management I would have lost everything by now.
OddsThe mathematical number for a team to win. Theodds on the Celtics to win the Championship are 10 to 1.
Odds MakerThe person that sets the lines on games.Because New York is on a winning streak, the Odds-maker has inflated the line.
Off The BoardA line on a particular game is not available. The matchup between the Rockets and Jazz is off the board.
Public BettingA novice gambler also known as a square that makes a wager with little analysis on a game.All the money bet on Orlando is from the Public Betting them at -2 points even though their main player is injured.
Point spreadA projected number of points by the Odds Maker in which the favorite is given to defeat the underdog.The point spread is -8 on the favorite tonight.
Power Ratings/RankingsA formula that determines the strength of a team’s performance. The NJ Nets are a last place team in their division and in thePower Ranks that are 2nd to last in the entire league.
PredictionA forecast of the final score or what team will win and cover. My prediction is the Hornets will win easily win this game.
PushWhen the point spread falls exactly on the number resulting in not winning or not losing the bet. The Hawks were giving 6 and won the game 107-101, so my bet was a push.
Run-And-GunA team with a fast style of offensive play with very little defense. The Suns are a run-and-gun team; all they worry about is scoring.
Running up the scoreA team that continues to score points even though the outcome has all but been decidedThe Grizzles were running up the score, even though they were leading by 20 points with three minutes left in the game.
SharpAn experienced bettor with more knowledge than the average gambler. He is really sharp with his plays; no one else bet the Nets on the money line to win outright.
SlateThe games that are set on any given day. Today’s slate of games is all Eastern Conference teams playing Western Conference.
StingyReferred to a team that does’t give up a lot of points.Boston has a stingy defense, they only give up 89 points per game.
SyndicateA group of people who work jointly to gamble with a goal of winning money betting on games. There is a Syndicate out of Vegas that only bets on the totals in the NBA.
Totals (OVER/UNDER)The set number by the Odds Makers for bettors to wager by either going above or below the projected final score. I am going to make my play on the OVER the total of 187 as I think both teams are capable of scoring a lot points.
TrendsA continued process worth noting. When the Spurs are playing at home after a loss the trend is 10-0 in their last ten games that they will win.
UnderdogA team that is expected to lose a game.The Charlotte Bobcats are an underdog against the Chicago Bulls.
ValueA team that had favorable odds to win or cover a game. There is a lot of value with the Knicks as an underdog in this game.
Vigorish or VigA percentage (usually 10%) added when a gambler makes a bet.I had to lay $20.00 in vig ($220) to win $200 on the Hornets to win.
WagerTo risk money to win more money of a game.I am going to make a wager of $300 on the Suns to win this game tonight.
Wise GuyAn experienced bettor capable of moving the line. I heard after a wise guy made is bet, the line jumped 2 points.

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