Betting Action Set For NCAA Tournament


Now that the the brackets are set, the betting frenzy for March Madness is ready for action – in more ways than one. In fact, more than $12 billion is expected to be wagered between Professional Las Vegas & Off Shore bettors, the Novice Gambler, bracket participants and those that still bet with their local bookie. Furthermore, it is projected that more money will be wagered on the NCAA tournament then this years Super Bowl. However, before you dive in full-swing and start making bets all over the board, I have provided some interesting tips that are certainly worth considering and may possibly give you a winning edge. Do not bet against a #1 or #2 seeded team in the first round to lose. Why you might ask? Well, #15 and #16 seeds are a combined 4-216 in the history of the tournament. The #16 seed has NEVER beaten a #1 seed in the first round. Things change a bit when considering the next set of seedings. During the first round of the tournament in twenty seven years, a #4 seed has been knocked out twenty three times. Overall, #13 and #!4 seeded teams are winning at an 18% clip in the first round. There is a reason why bettors like to stick with the favorites. History says the #1 seed makes it to the Sweet 16 88% of the time. It’s a good idea to ride #10 and #12 seeded teams, as they have combined to win more than half the time heading to the Sweet 16. In fact, #12’s have advanced more often than #7 seeded teams. Furthermore, teams seeded #10 or higher have advanced to the Sweet 16 twenty five of twenty seven years. Getting to the Elite 8 easily favorites the #1 seeded teams, as their odds of making it are better than a whopping 70%. When the final four conversations start, stick to #1 through #6 seeded teams – because just one team positioned lower than a #6 has made it to this spot. For the championship game, you will have to give up on one of your #1 seeded teams. Why? Well, two #1’s have only met six times to determine the champion. Hopefully I have given you enough ammunition to produce some winners and if nothing else, I hope you enjoy the tournament and make some money… To bet any of the 2012 NCAA Tournament with a secure and reliable Sportsbook, click this link: Bet on the 2012 NCAA Tournament at PJ Laferla is a practicing freelance writer, professional handicapper, and the founder of If you are interested in hiring PJ Laferla for freelance writing or for winning picks against the spread, please submit all inquires to