ATS Standings


Term, Definition, Example
Term Definition Example
Against The Spread (ATS)Determines if your bet won with the odds set in the game. The Magic only won the game by 4 and they were giving 8 points they can’t win against the spread.
FavoriteThe team giving points to the underdog. Expressed as a negative value.The Cavaliers vs. Celtics spread is 8. The Cavaliers are 8 point favorites. If you bet on the Cavs, they must win by 8 or more points for your bet to win.
CoverWhen the favorite wins equal to, or greater than, the sportsbook’s points given to the underdog team.The Rockets were 6 point favorites vs. the Bulls. The final score was 100-90 Rockets. The 10 point difference is greater than 6. The Rockets covered.
UnderdogThe team taking points from the favorite. Express as a positive value.The Clippers vs. Mavericks spread is 10. The Mavericks were 10 point underdogs. If you bet on the Mavs, they must either win outright, or not lose by more than 10 points for your bet to win.

Against the Spread (ATS) standings can be a useful metric for deciding which teams to bet on. Some teams perform better or worse than others considering the points each sportsbook assigns. Over the course of a season, some perfomance consistency can develop, giving rise to probable betting trends.

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