About NBA Betting


With all the hubbub about sports betting legality lately, many wonder whether or not sportsbooks will survive the football season, let alone last until the final NBA and College games of the 07-08 basketball season.

One thing is for sure, if online sportsbooks do survive the storm until March Madness and the NBA playoffs, basketball betting action will be just as hot and exciting, if not more so, compared to previous seasons. Sports bettors will be clamoring to the first available online betting shops to place bets on game outcomes, props, teasers, parlays, and much more.

That said, we recommend a cautious approach to basketball betting this year. Recent news has dealt a devastating blow to the reputation of the NBA’s squad of referees, with one being fired and detained by the FBI for allegedly fixing the outcome of pro basketball games. The NBA commissioner, dumbfounded and betrayed, expressed disdain over this turn of events, and felt that the officiating department needed a complete review.

It’s one thing to fix a game’s outcome and another to simply bet on an outcome that you don’t know. If someone, like the accused NBA ref, is so mired in gambling debts that he finds it necessary to ruin the integrity of a particular NBA game, it raises a whole new set of issues and concerns that are completely different from those of casual NBA fans betting online.

Contrary to the opinion of gungho USA DOJ officials, most online sportsbooks are NOT havens to Mafia activity. Most sportsbooks are run by private companies, licensed in their respective jurisdiction, and approved by several online betting watchdog agencies. Word about bad sportsbooks travels fast in the online betting industry, and if people find that they don’t get their winnings paid, they simply go to the book that does pay. Accordingly, one will find that wise businessmen run the most reputable books, and offer a high level of customer service and financialy backing.

Look at it this way: If you don’t want to be involved with something mob related, just choose a book that is legal in its respective country and owned and operated by respectful businesspeople. Furthermore, don’t borrow money to bet online, nor succumb to offers from unsavory loan sharks.

The fact is, the NBA ref accused of fixing games WAS involved with questionable parties in Las Vegas, NOT with online sportsbooks. Aside from the rare exception, most will find that the vast majority of online sports betting websites are upstanding and fair.

Good Luck!